Barnaby, Taking Up Residence?

Who knows how long he has actually been hiding there, but when I walked back in the front door yesterday morning from wheeling out the trash bins, I saw this new guest in a roof nook:


Zooming in a bit (glad the 18-270mm was already on the camera!), we see him a bit more closely.  Kelly calls him Barnaby.


I hope he hasn’t gotten too comfortable: the painters are coming tomorrow to power wash the outside of the house, followed by painting on Thursday.  He disappeared midday yesterday…but then was back in this spot last night.  Today, he’s been back most of the day (disappearing for a while earlier in the day as well).  Maybe he’ll take up residence again once the painting is done, as this is a pretty sweet spot: protected on a all sides, just a bit bigger than he needs, and with a view out towards the whole front yard and street.